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Pokemon Masters hack

Pokemon Masters is an engrossing mobile game where you can capture your Pokemon to fight against your opponent. Every one loves Pokemon, but not every one can train them as a master! Here is your chance to test your Pokemon training skills. All you need is get this game run on your mobile devices. Although Pokemon Master has two playing modes, we do suggest your try multiplayer mode. In there, you will battle with all the players around the world with your Pokemon. It is indeed a fantasy Pokemon adventure if you can use Pokemon Masters hack to support your battle in the game.

Pokemon Masters Currency:

There are a few currency types in the game. But we just want to focus on gems at the moment. It is a very very important currency in game.

Gems are the primary game currency, which are required to unlock the premium events in the game. What’s more, your Pokemon evolution process also need gems. So, if you do not have enough gems, you cannot become a good player in this game. You can earn gems by winning the Pokemon battles events every day. One more hint is that you will get more gems reward in multiplayer mode compared with the single mode. So if possible, try more multi mode as much as you can. Another alternative is to make use of Pokemon Masters hack as it will let you collect large amount of gems without spending lots of effort and money.

Some Cheats tips will help you in Pokemon Masters gameplay:

  • Adjust your sync pairs before each battle – One of the good feature of Pokemon Masters is that it uses sync pairs system to determine which Pokemon perform well in the battle. If you have multiple sync pairs, you need to adjust them to suits your Pokemon’s type.
  • Dive into the training area courses – We can assure that you will learn both fighting skills and get free rewards in the training course. There are totally five level in the training course. The level one is the simple one. As the level climb up, you will find more difficulty in the training. Don’t skip the difficult level, as you spend more time on it, you will pass it eventually.
  • Do the upgrades immediately – If you don’t want to taste failure in the Pokemon battle, you’d better complete all the upgrades of your Pokemon as soon as you can. These upgrades includes skill upgrades and potential upgrades. Both upgrades are important. Don’t skip any one. If you have not prepare for the upgrades, remember to do it later.
  • Focus on one Sync Pair – Sync Pair upgrades need gems. If you don’t have enough gems at that moment, you have to focus on one main Sync Pair. Make it higher level as you can, so that you can build a strong Pokemon team for a battle.


There are may be some tips we have not covered in the post. So we suggest you find more tricks that never revealed before of Pokemon Masters game, only in such case, you will step in front of other players.

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