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Storyscape Cheats – Get Unlimited diamonds and Best Choices Hack

Storyscape hack

Storyscape is a choice type mobile game which is published by FoxNext company. In Storyscape game, you will have opportunity to play different stories with different characters. This game is full of choices. You have to pick the right one to make the game go on a proper path. Each story contains several chapters, you need to complete these chapters one by one. The gameplay itself is very interesting. What’s more, our latest Storyscape cheats will give you more fun in each story. So if you have not get this game, you should really take a try!

Storyscape Gaming currency

Diamonds are the only valuable currency in this game. You need to find more ways to farm diamonds as soon as you can! Because you need diamonds to unlock more new chapter in each story. No diamond no more new chapter! – that’s the rule of this game! In most cases, you can spend money to buy diamonds in the game store. But you should be aware the discount when choosing the diamond pack. Remember to pick the large diamond pack if you can afford it as you will get the biggest discount of that deal! Our favorite method to farm diamonds is – Using Storyscape hack. Based on our experience, it will farm 1000 diamonds for you in five minutes! That’s a good enough amount for us!

Four tips and cheats help you make the best choices in Storyscape game

  • Play the story one by one – Why we recommend every player play the story one by one? Well, in this playing order, you will know the whole game completely and clearly. What’s more important, you will know how to develop the gaming plot easily so that you know what is your next step in the game. So our recommend playing order would be: Titanic – The X Files – Life 2.0 – Edge of Extinction – Eternal City.
  • Use diamonds properly – You can use diamonds for lots of things in this game. But we need you to focus on chapter unlock action. Only spend your valued diamonds into this unlock action, otherwise, you will run out of them quickly!
  • Replay the story to get rewards and hints – When you are stuck in some chapter or story, you’d better replay the previous chapter to get more hints instead of staying there doing nothing! In most cases, you will find clues about how to pass your stuck chapter.
  • Try different choices – When we are talking about replay story, we mean that you’d better pick the different choices when replay it. As a result, you will get different hints and endings. The more choices you play, the more hints and rewards you will get in the end! So don’t hesitate to replay each story with different choices.

In a nutshell, Storyscape game is full of choices which will make you busy of months. If you encounter some difficulties in this game, you can rely on this Storyscape gameplay guide. Of course, you will also need to track the gaming update to keep your Storyscape cheats working!

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